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“The Stolen Lamb”

“Kleftiko” is the Greek name for Lamb Shank, which means stolen. Derived from the times when Greece was occupied by the Turks, the Greeks would steal lamb from their tenants in order to enjoy a forbidden feast. However, they could not cool it over flames at night, for a fire would attract attention, as would smoke in the day.

They were forced to invent a new method for preparing the “stolen lamb”.

Come dusk, a hole in the ground would be dug and the burning coals scattered inside. Portioned lamb, wrapped in vine leaves, would be placed on top of the coals and the hole refilled with soil.

The lamb would then “slow cook” overnight, from the heat of the coals.

The reward was that they were able to enjoy a truly heavenly dish of lamb the following day, which being stolen made it all that tastier, as forbidden is always sweeter.

We at Villa Bianca, still today prepare our “Kliftiko” in the heat of our wood burning clay oven, “slow cooked” overnight, for you to feast!

“Bon Appetit”

Arthur Cavallineas




All our Sushi is prepared VISIBLY FRESH on the premises
Maki Roll (8 pieces)
Avo | Cucumber | Salmon | Tuna
Spicy Tuna | Crab | Prawn, Mayo & Sesame
Smoked Salmon | Eel

Californian Roll (8 pieces)
Salmon | Spicy Salmon | Tuna | Spicy Tuna
Crab | Prawn | Vegetarian | Smoked Salmon
Caviar & Salmon | Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese | Eel

Fashion Sandwiches (6 pieces)
Salmon | Spicy Salmon | Tuna | Spicy Tuna
Crab | Prawn | Vegetarian
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese | Eel

Rainbow Roll (8 pieces)
Salmon |Tuna |Avo | Cucumber

Roses (6 pieces)
Salmon Roses | Tuna roses
Hand Roll (1 piece)
Salmon | Spicy Salmon | Tuna
Spicy Tuna | Crab | Prawn
Vegetarian | Caviar & Salmon | Eel

Crab Salad
Crab with rice, caviar, avo and toasted sesame seeds in a Japanese mayonnaise dressing

Tekkadon Salad
Sashimi with rice, avo and sesame seeds in a soya and honey dressing

Battleship (3 pieces)
Crab | Salmon | Tuna
Prawn | Caviar | Nigiri (4 pieces)

Salmon | Tuna | Prawn | Eel

Assorted Nigiri (7 pieces)
3 Salmon, 3 Tuna, 1 Prawn

Yummy Nigiri (4 pieces)
(Nigiri topped with sliced prawn, avo, mayo & caviar)
Salmon | Tuna

Sashimi (4 pieces)
Salmon | Spicy Salmon | Tuna | Spicy Tuna

Assorted Sashimi (6 pieces)
3 Salmon, 3 Tuna
Sushi Platters

Salmon Platter (12 pieces)
3 Salmon Sashimi | 3 Salmon Nigiri
3 Salmon Roses | 4 Salmon Californian Rolls

Combo Rolls (18 pieces)
8 Rainbow Rolls | 4 Crab Californian Rolls
4 Tuna Maki | 2 Salmon Roses

Assorted Platter (12 pieces)
3 Assorted Sashimi | 3 Assorted Nigiri
4 Salmon Californian Rolls | 2 Assorted Roses

Osaka Platter (9 pieces)
2 Sashimi | 3 Salmon Roses | 4 Rainbow Rolls

Kobe Platter (9 pieces)
3 Assorted Nigiri | 4 Rainbow Rolls | 2 Battleship Crab

Tokyo Platter (14 pieces)
4 Assorted Nigiri | 4 Assorted Sashimi | 6 Salmon Fashion Sandwiches

Sushi for 2 (24 pieces)
4 Assorted Sashimi | 4 Assorted Nigiri | 4 Tuna Maki
4 Salmon Roses | 8 Salmon Californian Rolls

Japanese rice wine, served warm or cold




Snails in garlic and fresh herb butter

Calamari Grilled
Calamari grilled with lemon butter, served with rice

Haloumi Cheese
Pan fried goat milk cheese served with fresh lemon

Cherry Haloumi
Goat milk cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry with mozzarella cheese, drizzled with black cherry and Marsala reduction

Black mushrooms sautéed in butter, garlic & flavoured with lemon

Venison Sausage
Venison sausage prepared in a traditional South African sauce

Beef strips pan fried in olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper and bay leaves

Prawn Chaninha
Prawns in a garlic cream sauce, baked with mozzarella cheese in our wood burning oven

Melanzane Parmigiano
Aubergine stuffed with mozzarella cheese & baked in our wood burning oven with a Napoletana and cream sauce

Prawn Cocktail
Prawns chilled & shelled, in a Martini glass with shrimps in a Marie-rose seafood dressing

Chicken Livers
Chicken livers sautéed with onion, tomato and cream, prepared with or without peri-peri

Mussels Pomodoro
Fresh mussels prepared in imported Italian pelati pomodoro tomatoes, garlic, fresh chilli and flavoured with white wine

Deep Fried Camembert
Crumbed and deep fried camembert cheese, topped with a cranberry reduction

Beef Carpaccio
Thinly sliced beef fillet served with parmesan shavings, mushroom & rocket with lemon vinaigrette

Parma Ham
Imported Parma ham, sliced and draped over fresh seasonal melon, served with the imported Italian Marsala wine

Langoustine Carpaccio
Mozambican langoustines butterflied and dressed with our herb carpaccio dressing. Served 3 to a portion, either large or XL.




Homemade for the table


with the herbs & garlic

Focaccia Pomodoro
with tomato & herbs

Focaccia Bianco
with mozzarella & herbs

Focaccia Gorgonzola
with Italian blue cheese

Bruschetta Siciliana
toasted ciabatta bread with chopped tomato, onion & fresh basil


Freshly made tomato base, with a bouquet of fresh vegetables in season

Butternut Soup

Cream of butternut soup served with croutons

Crab Soup

Crab sticks blended in a cream based soup, flavoured with parmesan





Green salad tossed with tomato, rabiola cheese, spring onion and Italian dressing


Green salad tossed with tomato, olives, cucumber, onion, topped with the crumbed feta and a Greek dressing

Caprese Bianca

Sliced tomato with buffalo mozzarella, rocket and fresh basil, sprinkled with roasted almonds and drizzled with homemade pesto

Blue Vein Cheese

Blue Vein cheese in a creamy dressing with croutons, served on a bed of lettuce, with cucumber, onion and tomato

Cajun Chicken

Strips of chicken breast prepared with Cajun spices served on a tossed green salad with crumbled feta and peppadew


Prawns, calamari, mussels and shrimps served on a bed of lettuce, with cucumber, onion and tomato, with a seafood dressing

Smoked Scandinavian Salmon

Smoke deed ocean Scandinavian salmon on mixed greens, with spring onion, cucumber and mascarpone cream cheese, with a vinaigrette dressing





Our traditional wood-burning oven in flamed with hand selected choice wood. All pizzas have a base of tomato & mozzarella cheese.

Tomato, mozzarella cheese and oreganum

Strips of beef with feta cheese & Jalapeno peppers

Onions, bacon, mushroom and chilli

Quattro Stagioni
Ham, mushroom, green peppers and salami

Al Greco
Chicken, feta cheese, olives, green pepper & olives

Artichokes, mushroom, onions, green pepper & olives

Ham and mushroom

Ground fillet, Italian tomato, green pepper, onions & chilli

Italian pancetta bacon with pineapple

Salami, mushroom, onion, artichoke, olives, ham & garlic

Fold over pizza with Italian tomato, ground fillet, bacon, mushroom, onion and pinch of chilli

Designer Pizza
Ribs – Deboned pork ribs with a honey basting
Meat Lovers – Sirloin strips, venison sausage, bacon and caramelized onion
Parma Ham – Imported Parma ham and fresh rocket
Samurai – Imported Scottish salmon marinated in a honey & soya sauce with fresh coriander leaves & a light Cajun spice, on a cheese base




We recommend a thinner pasta for a light tomato based sauce and a thicker pasta, with more body, for one of our cream based sauces.

Pasta choices
(Pasta prepared “al dente” on request)
Penne or Spaghetti or Linguine or Fettuccine
(Included in price of sauce)

Italian pelati pomodoro tomato with fresh basil and herbs

Italian sauce with ground filler – a traditional recipe from the province of Bologna

Fresh tomato, onion and smoked Italian pancetta bacon

Prepared with mushrooms and ham in a cream sauce

Tomato, garlic and fresh chilli

Alla Carbonara
Italian pancetta bacon and egg in a cream sauce

Fresh mussels, shrimps and calamari in tomato, flavoured with white wine

Al Vitello
Strips of veal sautéed in olive oil and garlic, flambéed with white wine

Al Salmone
Salmon blended in piquant tomato and cream sauce, flavoured with fresh sage

Quattro Formaggi
Gorgonzola, mascarpone, mozzarella and parmesan gently blended with cream

Fresh vegetables prepared in tomato with a hint of cream

Fegatini di Pollo
Chicken livers simmered in tomato and cream, flavoured with parsley and flambéed with sherry

Prima Vera
Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese sautéed in extra virgin oil, garnished with chives

Pasta from the oven

Cannelloni Spinach & Ricotta
Cannelloni filled with fresh ricotta cheese and spinach and baked in a creamy béchamel sauce


Lasagna baked in a clay oven with Bolognese, topped with creamy béchamel sauce and laced with mozzarella cheese

Lasagne with a mixture of shrimps, calamari and mussels layered with Napoletana tomato and cream, baked with mozzarella cheese




Gourmet Prawns
Our prawns are hand selected to ensure perfect grading.

8 Medium       6 Queen       4 King
12 Medium     9 Queen       6 King
16 Medium     12 Queen     8 King

Plain grilled– served with lemon butter, garlic butter, peri-peri and rice or chips

Sauce Specialities – Choose one of the following sauces for your prawns, served in a hot pan:
Nacional – creamy garlic and beer sauce
Pomodoro – tomato with a hint of chilli & garlic
Curry – a light, creamy, mild curry sauce
Martini – butter and garlic, flambéed in Martini

Prawns by the kilo | 1kg Medium Prawns | Prawns each

Queen Prawns – King Prawns – Tiger Medium Prawn – Tiger Giant Prawns

Langoustines – Langoustines are one of Villa Bianca’s specialties & we are extremely proud to be able to offer this exceptional product to our guests. They are caught off the shores of Maputo, in Mozambique, at a depth of 540m below the oceans surface. They are graded & blast frozen onboard the trawler within 14-17 minutes after being harvested. Villa Bianca then receives them within 3-5 days. We have, of course, developed our own basting to enhance the sweet flavour of this gourmet crustacean. Please note that due to nature of the product & logistics, langoustines may not be available throughout the year.

3 Large langoustines
3 Extra large langoustines
5 Large langoustines
5 Extra large langoustines

Served on a bed of rice or with chips




Lobster Grilled
Fresh lobster grilled with lemon butter served with rice and vegetables

Lobster Thermidor
Fresh lobster removed from the shell and pan-fried with mushroom and shrimp in cream, flambéed with Cognac, then baked in the shell mozzarella cheese, served with rice and vegetables

Seafood Platter for One
10 Medium prawns, grilled calamari 2 line fish and mussels, served with chips or rice

Seafood Platter for Two
20 Medium pawns, grilled calamari, 2 line fish and mussels served with chips or rice

Aphrodite Platter
8 Queen prawns, 6 medium prawns, mussels served with rice and a Greek salad

Neptune Platter
4 King prawns, 6 medium prawns, grilled calamari and mussels, served with chips or rice

Zeus Platter
6 King prawns, 12 medium prawns, grilled calamari, fried squid heads & haloumi cheese served with chips or rice

Lango Platter
3 Large Mozambican langoustines, line fish and grilled calamari, served with chips or rice

Royal Seafood Platter (serves 2/4)
2 Baby lobsters, 4 tiger medium prawns, 10 queen prawns, grilled calamari, 2 line fish, mussels and fried squid heads, served with chips and rice




Our Scottish Salmon and Export quality Tuna is the very same that is used in our Sushi menu, therefore always fresh, never frozen. Our dishes are served with the rice and fresh vegetables or chips.

Calamari Grilled
Grilled Falkland calamari served with lemon butter or garlic butter

Calamari Arrabbiata
Tender calamari flash grilled and pan-fried with the tomato, chilli and garlic

Stuffed Calamari
Calamari stuffed with seafood served in a Napoletana cream sauce

Grilled fresh fillet of kingklip, served with lemon butter or garlic butter

Kingklip Thermidor
Fillet of kingklip poached and topped with a creamy mushroom and shrimp sauce, flambéed in Cognac, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, baked in our wood burning oven

Sole – Grilled East Coast sole served with lemon butter or lobster sauce

Sole Cartoccio – Sole topped with mussels, shrimps and calamari in a seafood cream sauce, wrapped in foil and baked in our wood fired oven

Fresh Line Fish – Fresh line fish, flown in on a daily basis, served with lemon butter or garlic butter

Scottish Salmon – Seared imported Scottish salmon served with rice and Japanese style stir fry vegetables

Seared Tuna – Fresh tuna steak seared in the pan, served with rice and Japanese style stir fry vegetables

Tuna Espatada – Cubed tuna steak grilled and skewered with the haloumi cheese, red pepper, green pepper and onion, served with chips and Japanese style stir fry vegetables




All our chicken dishes are server with sautéed potatoes and fresh vegetables or chips.

Chicken Breasts al Greco (Slimmer Choice)
Chicken breasts grilled with olive oil, lemon and oreganum, served with Greek salad

Chicken Breast Toscana
Chicken breast stuffed with fontina cheese and ham, crumbed and pan-fried. Topped with a creamy artichoke sauce, served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables or chips

Chicken Novello
Succulent free range chicken butterflied, marinated and grilled in lemon butter sauce served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables

Chicken Peri-Peri
Succulent free range chicken butterflied, marinated and grilled in peri-peri sauce, served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables or chips




All our veal dishes are served with sautéed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Veal Limone
Veal sautéed in lemon butter and fresh herbs

Veal Marsala
Veal sautéed with herbs and spices, flambéed with imported Marsala wine

Veal Cream & Mushroom
Veal prepared in a cream and mushroom sauce, flambéed with Cognac

Veal Milanese
Veal seasoned, crumbed, pan fried and topped with a cream cheese sauce

Saltimbocca alla Romana
Veal sautéed and topped with Parma Ham and flavoured with sage

Veal Valdostana
Veal sautéed in herb butter and topped with fontina cheese and Parma ham

Veal Padrone
Veal seasoned, crumbed, pan fried and topped with cream spinach, Napoletana tomato, ham and melted mozzarella cheese




We only use prime quality cut beef, Swiss trimmed and matures for 2 weeks. All our beef is charcoal grilled on an open flame with our homemade basting. Served with sautéed potatoes and fresh vegetables or chips.

Rump (300g)
Grilled with our homemade basting

Sirloin (300g)
Aged sirloin steak grilled to perfection

200g Grilled tender baby fillet
300g Grilled tender baby fillet
500g Grilled tender baby fillet

Fillet Villa Bianca (300g)
Fillet braised in the pan with red wine, herb and spice reduction

Fillet Mascarpone (200g)
Topped with mascarpone cheese, rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings and Spanish onions, served on a bed of homemade herb croutons

Ribeye Steak (300g)
Tender cut of ribeye steak grilled to your preference

T-Bone (500g)
T-bone steak grilled to your preference

Espatada (300g)
Succulent cubes of rump on a skewer, rubbed with coarse salt and bay leaves, grilled on an open flame

Ladies Spare Ribs (500g)
Half rack of ribs marinated and grilled in our homemade BBQ honey basting, served with chips

Spare Ribs (1kg)
Full rack of ribs marinated and grilled in our homemade BBQ honey basting, served with chips

Oxtail slow cooked as a casserole with tomato, red wine and fresh vegetables, served with mashed potatoes

Venison Casserole
Traditional Italian casserole prepared with prime cuts of venison, with a subtle game flavour

Lamb al Forno (400g)
Portioned leg of lamb slow cooked in our wood burning oven with olive oil and lemon and oreganum

Alternative sauces for the above prime cuts:
Cheese, Pepper, Garlic, Mustard and Cream Mushroom




All our desserts are homemade on a daily basis using only the freshest ingredients.

Ice – Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Homemade vanilla ice-cream with Bar-One chocolate sauce

Homemade Italian cheese cake with mascarpone cheese

Cheese cake
Velvet cheesecake topped with black cherry reduction

Crushed nuts between honeyed phyllo pastry served with ice-cream or cream

Crème Caramel
Crème caramel topped with caramel sauce with ice-cream

Biscotto del Vaticano
Homemade caramel and peppermint crisp cake

Chocolate Mousse
Light and fluffy chocolate mousse

Crême Brule
Homemade crème brule delicately flavoured with fresh lemon grass and topped with a light toffee crust

Crêpe Louis XIV
Pancake filled with black cherries, served with cream or ice-cream, flambéed at your table

Cherries Flambé
Specialty of the house – cherries flambéed in imported liqueur at your table served with ice-cream

Crêpe Suzettes
Homemade pancake flambéed at the table with Cointreau and orange juice, sprinkled with castor sugar




Don Pedro

Kahlua Don Pedro

Peppermint Don Pedro

Between the sheets
Cointreau and Kahlua Don Pedro

Monte Carlo
Amaretto Bacardi and Strawberry liqueur Pedro

Irish coffee

Kahlua coffee

Cape Velvet coffee

French Coffee
Coffee with Brandy topped with cream

Russian Coffee

Coffee with Brandy topped with cream

Cappuccino Sambuca

Cappuccino Kahlua

Cappuccino Cape Velvet

Cappuccino Amaretto

Cappuccino Brandy

Why bother?
Decaffeinated cappuccino with skim milk

Hot chocolate
Served with cream and a flake

Caffé Latte
Espresso with hot milk

Espresso Macchiato
Topped with foamed milk

Espresso Corretto
With a dash of Grappa

Filter Coffee



Double Espresso